Greenbelt Parkplace - AMENITIES

All the amenities and facilities at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati are designed to offer the utmost in convenience and comfort to residents. A 25 meter lap pool with a landscaped sunbathing deck and an indoor spa and fitness center provides the ultimate in luxury living for residents at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati to enjoy.

Some of the amenities and facilities at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati include:

  • 25-Meter Lap Pool: A 25 meter indoor/outdoor lap pool with a beautifully landscaped sunbathing deck on Level 8 of the Greenbelt Parkplace building comes complete with male and female changing and shower room. This is the perfect place to relax or get some exercise after a day at work or school, and a great space for recreation with your family on the weekend. An outdoor dining space also lets you enjoy some al-fresco dining with wonderful views.
  • Indoor Spa And Fitness Gym: An indoor sauna and fitness center located on Level 6 is for the exclusive use of residents of Greenbelt Parkplace, and lets you soothe your tired muscles after a workout, right in the convenience of home.
  • Function Hall And Conference Room: Need some extra space to entertain? A luxurious function hall and conference room for the exclusive use of residents at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati provides the perfect space for you when you need to host a gathering, a celebration or other event for family, friends or colleagues.
  • Three High Speed Passenger Elevators: Three high speed passenger elevators will provide easy access and exit for all residents at visitors at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati.
  • 24 Hour Security Service: A 24-hour security service will ensure the safety of all residents at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati. A manned reception counter makes sure that all visitors have to register at the entrances before coming into the building, for your complete peace of mind.
  • Closed Circuit TV: A CCTV surveillance system monitoring selected common areas provides extra safety and security for all residents at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati.
  • Intercom Security System: An intercom security system let you speak directly to the reception and security counter, and screen all visitors from within the comfort and safety of your unit before allowing access.
  • Ample Parking At Basement And Podium Levels: Parking is available in the two basement floors of Greenbelt Parkplace Makati as well as on five podium levels. All parking levels are equipped with annunciated panels and emergency speakers.
  • Standby Power Generator : A standby power generator provides emergency power to common areas and selected outlets in residential units in Greenbelt Parkplace Makati in case of blackouts.
  • Overhead Tank And Underground Cistern: An overhead tank and an underground cistern system ensures uninterrupted supply of water to all residences at Greenbelt Parkplace Makati.
  • 25-meter lap pool with landscape sunbathing deck
  • Male and Female changing/shower rooms
  • Outdoor dining space on the pool deck
  • Sauna
  • Function Hall
  • Fitness Gym
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